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The Mountfield HW531 PD 4-in-1 Self-Propelled Lawn Mower has power-driven rear-wheels, so it's particularly suited to medium to large gardens. The drive wheels are far larger than the front wheels for greater traction and improved manoeuvrability. Power comes from a Mountfield ST55 four-stroke engine that has a substantial 160cc cylinder displacement. With the overhead valve arrangement this means a marked reduction in noise, vibration, exhaust emissions, and fuel consumption. The mower comes with 5 pre-set height adjustments 26-87mm. One of the main features of the HW531 PD is its 4-in-1 functionality. It is able to rear discharge, side discharge, mulch or collect the grass clippings. Mulching is a feature designed to help maintain your healthy lawn by re-circulating the grass clippings into a fine mulch and back into your grass to decompose quickly. The HW531 PD is also equipped with a large 70 litre grass collector, giving you the ability to hold more grass clippings than the average lawnmower, meaning less stopping to empty, helping you get the job done quicker.
  Model : HW531 PD
Type : 4 in 1
Engine : Mountfield ST55 OHV
Capacity : 160cc
Starter : Recoil
Fuel : PetrolDrive : Yes, single speed
Cutting Width : 53cm / 21"
Cutting Heights : 6 from 26 - 87mm
Cutting Height Adjustment : Centralised
Chassis Material : Steel
Grass Collector : Canvas with hard top
Collector Capacity : 70 litres
Grassbag Full Indicator : Yes
Mulch Kit : Yes
Side Discharge : Yes
Weight : 36kg


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